IEP Management Software + A FREE GIFT

IEP Management Software + A FREE GIFT

As all special educators know, IEPs are a foundational part of helping a student with special needs improve. We also know that they can sometimes be tedious to write a great IEP while still staying compliant with all the rules and regulations – but we will touch more on that at a later time. In this topic we will be covering what IEP management software is, how it can benefit you, and at the end we even have a free gift for you!

What is IEP management software?

It is exactly what it sounds like! It is software that guides special educators through the process of managing their IEPs through the process. These software suites will cover the key components of evaluation, IEP creation, goal progress, and other core components of the special education process. Some features that the best IEP management softwares posses are as follows:

  • Due process checklist (this ensures you don’t miss any IEP dates that are critical)
  • Special Education student managment
  • Compliance Checker (this scans your IEPs to make sure there are no potential compliance issues)
  • Reporting
  • Automatic IEP form updates
  • SIS integration

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of why systems like this are so beneficial. If you would like to look at a more expansive list of the features that most IEP management softwares have click here.

Our FREE gift to you!

As promised earlier, we actually have something to give you – just for reading this post! Here is a link to a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL of our IEP management software. There are absolutely no strings attached – you don’t even have to give us a credit card number. We really just want to give you a quick hands on glance of what IEP management software can do for your school/district.


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