Statewide IEP Systems. What you need to know…

Statewide IEP Systems. What you need to know…

Statewide IEP systems have been floating around for years now, but are not implemented in every state. Have you ever wondered what is the big deal with statewide IEP systems? Are they becoming more or less popular? What do I need to do to prepare for a statewide IEP system? These are just some of the things we will cover in this topic below.


What is a statewide IEP system?

a statewide IEP system (or special education system) is software that helps better manage the IEP process. Systems like this often help automate most of the paperwork process as well as monitoring to make sure the IEPs are compliant with the states regulations.


Why are states moving to state-wide IEP systems?

There are many benefits to moving to statewide IEP systems. Most states often find them enticing because they give the state a standardized system to track and report on all things related to special education. While this certainly doesn’t cover everything, below is a small list of reasons a statewide system is beneficial.

  • IEP form consistency
  • Comprehensive reporting on district and state levels
  • Ease of transferring students
  • Universal training

While there are many perks to moving to a statewide system, there are also many challenges with moving to one too. Often times there are multiple special education vendors in certain states, so picking a certain vendor may upset districts that use other vendors. It can often be very expensive and time consuming for certain vendors to build a statewide IEP system from scratch if their system is not already built to accommodate it. Another big hurdle to a state wide IEP system is training everyone in the state on the new system.

Are you considering adopting a statewide IEP system?

If your state is considering a statewide system you couldn’t be in a better place! We have actually put together a state wide IEP system page on our website that walks you through some of the big things you can expect to gain from moving in that direction. If you want to see a demo of how it works you can click this link to take a free tour of the system.


SpedTrack is one of the leading IEP systems (Special Education Systems) in the United States. There is a good chance we already work with school districts in your state and are primed and ready for a statewide IEP system. If you would like to talk to us about it more feel free to fill out the form on this page.


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