Medicaid Software That Really Returns

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Maximize Your Return

Catch Errors Before Submitting

SpedTrack will automatically look over your claims to make sure no information is missing.

Copy-To-New Claim

Create a copy of a claim to a new draft claim which significantly reduces duplicated work.

Save Time

Pull Data from Special Education Software

Our system automatically scans your documents to ensure all critical information has been completed.

Create Reoccurring Sessions

The ability to create routine schedules allows you to create an event once and it will duplicate it as specified.

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Easy Oversight

Robust Reporting

Our reporting tool allows users to generate standard and customized reports in a variety of formats.

Staff Audit Reports

Critical dates and meetings are automatically shown on your Outlook or Google Calendar.

Smart School Link

Schools that use SpedTrack can choose to link together to run cumulative reports and other data. This is especially helpful for Co-Ops and State systems.