Progress Monitoring

Track your students' Goal Progress in one centralized location.

Easily collect data for all your students’ goals. Real-time graphs show you if the student is on track to reach their goals by their projected date.

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Track student data easily

Progress Monitoring Dashboard

We created one screen that shows how all of your students are performing at a glance. You are one click away from recording data, printing forms, or addressing any errors. 

Group Data Entry

Create groups of students to easily enter data points in one session. The ability to quickly enter data on multiple students makes the process more efficient. 

Real-time graphing of student progress

Predictive Graphing

SpedTrack’s graph not only tracks the student’s current progress, it also predicts their performance and lets you know if they are on target to hit their goals or if they need adjustment.

Baseline & Mastery Levels

On each graph, we show you the baseline and mastery of the individual goal. This creates a clear visual of where the student is and where they need to be at the end of the goal.

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Catch errors before they happen

Outlier Detection

SpedTrack scans each data point that is entered and will instantly notify you if the data point is significantly different. This helps catch accidental entry of incorrect information. 

Consistency Validation

All students are monitored to ensure that data points are being recorded regularly. If it has been a while since a data point was recorded, SpedTrack will instantly notify the appropriate staff.

Print and report on results

Print Results

Easily print professional documents showing the student’s progress. Additional print options allow you to further customize the document.

Advanced Reporting

Our reporting tool allows users to generate standard and customized reports related to progress monitoring.

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Powerful Together and Separately

Choose from our suite of products to build the perfect special education solution for your district. 

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Single Sign-On

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