Progress Monitoring

Track your students' Goal Progress in one centralized location.

Easily collect data for all your students’ goals. Real-time graphs show you if the student is on track to reach their goals by their projected date.

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Track student data easily

Progress Monitoring Dashboard

We created one screen that shows how all of your students are performing at a glance. You are one click away from recording data, printing forms, or addressing any errors. 

Group Data Entry

Create groups of students to easily enter data points in one session. The ability to quickly enter data on multiple students makes the process more efficient. 

Real-time graphing of student progress

Predictive Graphing

SpedTrack’s graph not only tracks the student’s current progress, it also predicts their performance and lets you know if they are on target to hit their goals or if they need adjustment.

Baseline & Mastery Levels

On each graph, we show you the baseline and mastery of the individual goal. This creates a clear visual of where the student is and where they need to be at the end of the goal.

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Catch errors before they happen

Outlier Detection

SpedTrack scans each data point that is entered and will instantly notify you if the data point is significantly different. This helps catch accidental entry of incorrect information. 

Consistency Validation

All students are monitored to ensure that data points are being recorded regularly. If it has been a while since a data point was recorded, SpedTrack will instantly notify the appropriate staff.

Print and report on results

Print Results

Easily print professional documents showing the student’s progress. Additional print options allow you to further customize the document.

Advanced Reporting

Our reporting tool allows users to generate standard and customized reports related to progress monitoring.

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Powerful Together and Separately

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Progress Monitoring In Special Education

Progress monitoring is vital in special education due to the responsibility educators have in helping the students achieve their goals. It is used to provide a formative assessment of the student’s Individualized Education Program or IEP goal progress and modify the child’s school environment, academic program, and related services during the school year. SpedTrack can track your individual students’ progress against their IEP goals and turn them into real-time graphs—all in one centralized hub.

Helps Track Progress Toward IEP Goals

After a student’s IEP goals have been defined in IEP meetings, progress monitoring enables educators to understand the student’s academic progress, set the method and parameters for collecting data and tracking, and provide a tailored learning experience for the child. Monitoring adequate progress also provides more data points, serving as the baseline for future IEPs.

Insights into a Student’s Needs

Progress monitoring determines student needs and learning disabilities by highlighting areas that have little progress over time.  Progress monitoring data enables special education teachers and general education teachers to plan and develop critical intervention targets and address learning gaps through additional instruction and intensive intervention.

Recognize Student’s Strengths

By tracking adequate progress regularly, the IEP team can identify the individual student’s strengths and discuss whether the IEP goal is still relevant or if they have mastered the goal. Progress monitoring leads to insights on whether the child’s IEP goals and targets need to be adjusted as the learners advance to the next grade level.

Benefits of Progress Monitoring With SpedTrack

Progress monitoring is the systematic and frequent measuring of student progress against the child’s IEP goals.  Monitoring student progress aims to provide a formative assessment of whether or not learners have met benchmarks and IEP goals. It is also used to identify critical areas of focus and resources needed to achieve academic achievement. SpedTrack empowers your team’s progress monitoring efforts through:

  • Intuitive data collection
  • Real-time graphing of student progress
  • Scan for errors in data points
  • Progress reports on demand
  • Related solutions

Intuitive Data Collection

SpedTrack provides you with a centralized place to record your data points and document the observations and findings. Leverage intuitive data collection by grouping your students based on subject, time, or other relevant categorizations. SpedTrack’s graph not only tracks the student’s current progress. It also predicts their performance and whether they are likely to master the goal in the projected mastery date or not.

Real-Time Graphing of Student Progress

SpedTrack lets you see how the student is tracking against their IEP goals. Once you enter a data point in SpedTrack, the system will instantly update the students’ current trend line and indicate if the student is still on target to master the goal in the goals’ projected mastery date. Our platform also provides a visualization of the baseline vs. mastery of IEP goals.

Scan For Errors in Data Points

SpedTrack enables you to catch errors before they happen. Our outlier detection scans every data point inputted into the system and notifies you of any data points that are problematic.

Progress Reports on Demand

Our platform lets you create progress reports—anytime, anywhere. Gain insight with SpedTrack’s suite of progress monitoring tools. Standard and custom reports give full visibility into your special education process. Print reports in bulk and further customize the document with additional print options, serving online and offline stakeholders.

Even More Powerful With Related Solutions

In addition to an efficient and compliant progress monitoring solution, SpedTrack provides end-to-end special education solutions such as IEP/Evaluation, Services Tracking, Medicaid, Section 504, Translation, Integration, and Single Sign-on.

The Tools You Get With SpedTrack For Student Progress Tracking

Progress Monitoring Dashboard

SpedTrack pulls student information from all components in one screen. Record data, print forms, address errors, and customize your reports—all a few clicks away.

Data Point Groups

SpedTrack group data entry feature saves you time by enabling you to input and group multiple student data in one go.

Predictive Graphing

Our graph not only tracks the student’s current progress. It also predicts their performance and if they are likely to hit their target or not.

Data Point Scans

SpedTrack scans each data point for potential errors, catching incorrect information and notifying you when it happens. Our progress monitoring tool also ensures consistency in data collection and recording, sending you a message when there has been no activity or new data recorded in a while.

Advanced Progress Reporting

SpedTrack allows you to create standard or customized reports ensuring Special Education administrators have insights into their teachers progress monitoring activities.

Progress Monitoring In Special Education FAQs

Progress monitoring is the systematic and frequent measuring of student progress against their annual IEP goals. It looks different depending on the IEP goals of the student. However, there are some general steps to follow when implementing regular progress monitoring:

  • Locating annual IEP goals
  • Inputting collected data
  • Noting student progress
  • Demonstrating measurable data progress

Starting with the IEP goals ensures that progress tracking is hinged on defined targets and benchmarks. It will also enable a systematic, quantitative, and objective reporting of the child’s progress in the form of concrete evidence. 

When monitoring IEP goals, make sure that you use curriculum-based measurements and quantitative data, conduct the data collection frequently, and input the data in a reliable special education solutions platform like SpedTrack!

Collecting data toward a student’s progress should be done daily and assessed quarterly. Frequent monitoring provides meaningful data and insights on the child’s progress. 

Specifically, quarterly progress monitoring in IEPs benefits both the child and the IEP Team as it:

  • Sets a baseline
  • Measures student progress by tracking collected data points
  • Documents efforts provided to meet the IEP goals

As defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and as an outcome of the Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District court case, where a student with autism wasn’t making any progress on their IEP goals, progress monitoring ensures that student progress is accurately tracked.

Furthermore, progress monitoring is now used during instructional decision-making to determine whether a student is receiving their minimum educational benefit, entitled to them by the outcome of this court case.

School Districts Prefer Going With SpedTrack. Here’s Why!

Progress monitoring is an essential part of special education, given the diversity of students’ needs and the importance of tracking their academic progress. SpedTrack eliminates the unsustainable approach of using data binders and replaces it with a cloud-based solution that centralizes data and helps ensure that your district is compliant. Many school districts have reaped the benefits of using SpedTrack to simplify special education, saving time and remaining compliant.

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Track Progress Monitoring In Special Education With SpedTrack

SpedTrack’s robust suite of special education tools can simplify progress monitoring in special education. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of putting all your progress monitoring and student data in one centralized location.