Student Record

Keep all your student information
in one location

The Student Record is the central hub for all of SpedTrack’s solutions. This is where all the information related to the student can be found. It is included for free whenever you implement any of our other solutions.

Since SpedTrack is a leading section 504 software company, we help you write IEPs,  and other forms in our special education software. Our suite of software makes it extremely easy for school districts to better manage their forms and paperwork. Our web-based  system allows you to easily track the students accommodation plan and other critical parts of the 504 plan. SpedTracks section 504 writer cuts the writing time by over 50%. Start writing 504 plans today! 

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A central hub for all student files

Unlimited Attachments

Upload an unlimited number of attachments directly to the student’s profile. This is incredibly useful for historical documents, doctors notes, parent notes, etc.

Demographic Information

Instantly pull in paragraphs that you often use. You have full customization over the text library. SpedTrack will automatically pull in the students name and other known information.

Bulk Printing

Go back in time to retrieve information that a user may have accidentally deleted or overwritten.

Collaborate with others easier

Securely Email Files

Send documents from directly within SpedTrack. Each email has a unique PIN that users must enter to keep the documents safe. We also let you know when the person opens the email and views the forms.

Meeting Scheduling Assistant

When inviting people to a meeting, you can now send a link that allows people to select what date/time works best for them. This is especially helpful when coordinating multiple people’s schedules.

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Centralize your management

Universal Dashboard

Our dashboard pulls information from all components in SpedTrack and organizes it into a clear report of what things needs your immediate attention. 

Advanced Reporting

Critical dates and meetings are automatically shown on your Outlook or Google Calendar.

Role-Based Security

Schools that use SpedTrack can choose to link together to run cumulative reports and other data. This is especially helpful for Coops and State systems.

Section 504 software

Section 504 software is part of our special education software package. Start writing section 504 plans today with our Section 504 software.

Powerful Together and Separately

Choose from our suite of products to build the perfect special education solution for your district. 

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Student Record

Section 504

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