Special Education

Track Special Education students from referral through dismissal

SpedTrack makes it incredibly easy to create IEPs, Evaluations, and Goal Progress Reports. Documents are automatically scanned for possible compliance issues.

Our comprehensive IEP software helps keep you in compliance with all the state and federal laws pertaining to Special Education.  It is one of the easiest special education software systems to use as well. Our special education software package integrates with all major student information systems (SIS). This means it will send the data you enter into SpedTrack to your current SIS system automatically. SpedTrack is also a top contender for states that are considering adopting a statewide IEP system in their state. With over 10 years of experience, we are a perfect candidate for such a task. Our flexible IEP platform makes it easy to customize our system to accommodate the specific needs of any states department of education. If you would like to learn more about that we actually have a page dedicated to you. You can find it by clicking on the home page in the navigation bar. The statewide page is located at the bottom of the home page. 

Easily write IEPs with our IEP writer. It makes sure you fill out all the necessary IEP forms. Tracking IEP goal progress is a breeze in SpedTrack. IEP templates make for even easier IEP creation. If your IEP has an error you will be notified of it. IEP compliance is of biggest importance. We also allow for easy transfer of IEPs. SpedTack allows school districts to excel in their compliance department because we check every IEP to ensure it will not flag any errors by the state. SpedTrack is a cloud based system that allows you to access all of our software from anywhere you have access to the internet. It is a data driven system which means it will dynamically build your forms based on what you fill out. If a section of the paperwork is not relevant to that IEP, SpedTrack will automatically skip that section – saving you time and paper. If you ever accidentally delete part of your document you can always recover it thanks to our time travel button. Our special education software is truly revolutionary because it allows you to track the IEP goal progress, evaluations, and other critical parts of the special education process all in the same place. This saves your teachers from having to dig to find the forms they need and saves them time they could be spending with the students.

Special Education Software
Special Education Software

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Write IEPs faster

Text Library

The customizable text library allows you to pull in frequently used paragraphs. Using personalization tokens, SpedTrack will automatically pull in the student name and other known information.

IEP & Evaluation Templates

Templates are a great way to ensure all sections of the document are included and covered. These are highly customizable and can be disabled if you choose not to use them.

Copy-To-New IEP

SpedTrack allows you to copy a previous years’ IEP to a new draft one and makes it easy to clear out the sections that will need to be updated (such as the present levels).

Make compliance effortless

Comprehensive Error Checker

Our system automatically scans your documents to ensure all critical information has been completed.

Due Process Checklist

SpedTrack’s intuitive process guides your staff through a due process timeline, including email reminders of due dates and overdue tasks.

Rapid IEP Form Updates

Your compliance is our top priority. State mandated forms are updated at an industry leading pace.

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Easy oversight

Robust Reporting

Our reporting tool allows users to generate standard and customized reports in a variety of formats.

Staff Audit Reports

Easily monitor the status of all your staff members as they work on various students within SpedTrack.

Co-op Management Tool

SpedTrack has built-in tools that make it extremely easy to manage multiple districts under one portal. This is especially helpful when analyzing data across one or multiple districts. 

Other time-saving features

Form Versioning & Restoration

If information was accidentally deleted or overwritten, users can easily view previous versions of the form and restore it instantly. 

Integrated Email

Send documents from directly within SpedTrack. Each email has a unique PIN that users must enter to keep the documents safe. This PIN also allows SpedTrack to show you a concise Send History in which you can see who has viewed the emailed forms.

Bulk Printing

Easily print documents in bulk based on caseload, grade, or other criteria. SpedTrack provides a wide variety of forms that are able to be printed in bulk.

IEP Summary

SpedTrack automatically scans every IEP that has been created and will instantly produce a 2 page document summarizing it. This report is perfect for Gen-Ed teachers.

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Powerful Together and Separately

Choose from our suite of products to build the perfect special education solution for your district. 

Special Education Software

Ready to simplify your special education?

Special Education Solution for Special Needs Learners

Creating IEPs, student evaluations, and quarterly progress reports can be time-consuming and often frustrating.

Frontline educators can spend hours on paperwork and not enough time with special education students.

SpedTrack makes it incredibly easy to create IEPs, student evaluations, and goal progress reports while staying compliant—helping you simplify special education management.

An All-in-one Management System for IEPs and Progress Reports

Special education software helps teachers, administrators, and frontline educators manage the Individualized Education Programs (IEP) of students with disabilities, through a robust suite of special education tools.

It is designed to manage each step of the special education process and address students’ disabilities and unique needs—from IEP goals to RTI/MTSS to Medicaid reimbursements.

Special education software is a vital tool and widely used throughout the education industry to strengthen IEP compliance checks, periodic evaluations, and reports that meet state standards.

Software programs like SpedTrack empower your case management system as it offers the following benefits:

  • Streamlines IEPs
  • Provides increased functionality
  • Customizes according to each state
  • Shortens timelines through special features
  • Translates access forms

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Streamlines IEPs

Save time by using IEP and evaluation templates that ensure all pertinent information is covered and compliant with state standards.

Take advantage of a customizable text library that allows you to apply frequently used paragraphs and personalization tokens that automatically pull in student-specific information like names and IEP goals.

Move IEPs from previous school years into new drafts, making it easy to clear out the sections, i.e., Present Levels that will need to be updated.



Provides Increased Functionality

Software programs like SpedTrack enable you to catch errors before they happen. SpedTrack’s outlier detection scans every student data point inputted into the system and notifies you of any error or incorrect information.

SpedTrack’s due process checklist uses an intuitive and real-time system that guides your IEP team through a timeline, including email reminders of due dates and overdue tasks.

Specifically designed for each state

State-mandated IEP forms are updated alongside industry changes, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up and maintaining compliance.

IEP forms are dynamic and apply state-specific terminologies when necessary.

Improves document security

SpedTrack allows you to attach documents and reports directly from within the system. SpedTrack improves security by applying a unique PIN to emails, allowing you to securely send documents and track who viewed the forms.

Access Form Translation

SpedTrack’s translation tool Enables special educators to provide parents and guardians with IEPs, Evaluations, and related forms in their preferred language

With more than 100 built-in translations, SpedTrack can convert all sections of the IEP forms—including user-generated content— into your preferred language(s), with the click of a button.

Administrators can assign and restrict the ability to translate forms to select user roles.

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Special Education Software as an Education Solution


SpedTrack funnels student information from various components into one, convenient dashboard.

Record student data, print forms, address errors and customize your reports—all a few clicks away.


Case Management

SpedTrack simplifies special education management with easy–to–create IEPs, student evaluations, and quarterly student progress reports.

Meet critical dates and targets while ensuring your documents are automatically scanned for possible errors and compliance issues—all using SpedTrack’s intuitive process and real-time updates.

End-of-year Reporting

Our platform lets you create student progress reports. SpedTrack allows you to create standard or customized reports, allowing for easy reporting on ESY, child count, caseload, and other valuable reports.

Save time preparing your end-of-year report using SpedTrack’s suite of special education solutions while remaining compliant with your state’s standards and requirements.

Student Transfers

Transferring students is a breeze if both school districts use SpedTrack. SpedTrack will seamlessly transfer all the student’s demographic information as well as their current IEP or Evaluation.

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There’s a Reason Special Education School Districts Choose SpedTrack. Here’s Why!

Thousands of school districts and frontline educators across the country are now using SpedTrack to simplify their special education process and save time creating state-compliant IEPs, student evaluations, and goal progress reports.

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Special Education Software

Upgrade Your Case Management with Special Education Software from SpedTrack

Simplify your special education programs and upgrade your case management system with SpedTrack’s robust suite of tools. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of leveraging special education software like SpedTrack.