Support Services Policy

Our comprehensive IEP software helps keep you in compliance with all the state and federal laws pertaining to Special Education.  It is one of the easiest special education software systems to use as well. Our special education software package integrates with all major student information systems (SIS). This means it will send the data you enter into SpedTrack to your current SIS system automatically. SpedTrack is also a top contender for states that are considering adopting a statewide IEP system in their state. With over 10 years of experience, we are a perfect candidate for such a task. Our flexible IEP platform makes it easy to customize our system to accommodate the specific needs of any states department of education. If you would like to learn more about that we actually have a page dedicated to you. You can find it by clicking on the home page in the navigation bar. The statewide page is located at the bottom of the home page. 

Easily write IEPs with our IEP writer. It makes sure you fill out all the necessary IEP forms. Tracking IEP goal progress is a breeze in SpedTrack. IEP templates make for even easier IEP creation. If your IEP has an error you will be notified of it. IEP compliance is of biggest importance. We also allow for easy transfer of IEPs. SpedTack allows school districts to excel in their compliance department because we check every IEP to ensure it will not flag any errors by the state. SpedTrack is a cloud based system that allows you to access all of our software from anywhere you have access to the internet. It is a data driven system which means it will dynamically build your forms based on what you fill out. If a section of the paperwork is not relevant to that IEP, SpedTrack will automatically skip that section – saving you time and paper. If you ever accidentally delete part of your document you can always recover it thanks to our time travel button. Our special education software is truly revolutionary because it allows you to track the IEP goal progress, evaluations, and other critical parts of the special education process all in the same place. This saves your teachers from having to dig to find the forms they need and saves them time they could be spending with the students.

Support Services

  1. IWT shall (a) use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Client with maintenance and support services (“Support Services”) via telephone, facsimile, electronic mail, or other electronic means, at IWT’s discretion, from the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday (excluding IWT Holidays, which typically consist of New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day), and 24×7 access for reporting Level 1 (as defined below) situations, to a designated, authorized, qualified, and trained user of the IWT Products (“Client Contact”) and to one (1) designated, authorized, qualified, and trained user of the IWT Products designated as Client Contact’s backup (“Backup Client Contact”) (collectively referred to as “Client Support Contact”); and (b) use commercially reasonable efforts to correct reproducible errors or malfunctions to enable the IWT Products to substantially perform in accordance with and as specified in the accompanying documentation.
  2. IWT shall use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver a solution or action plan to correct reported errors that IWT categorizes as: (i) “Level 1 Catastrophic” within eight (8) business hours of receipt of the reported error. “Level 1 Catastrophic” is defined as a condition in which the IWT Products are partially or totally inoperative, including but not limited to, total system failure, data loss, data corruption, or a processing of functions and processes so slow as to render the application unusable, or any Level 2 error where a reasonable alternative work process cannot be established; (ii) “Level 2 High Impact” within the next scheduled production release of the IWT Products or within one hundred-twenty (120) days from the date error was logged with IWT, whichever shall first occur. “Level 2 High Impact” is defined as any error that results in the usability of the product being restricted and for which a reasonable alternative work process can be established; (iii) “Level 3 Non-Critical,” which errors IWT shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct within the next scheduled production release of the IWT Products. “Level 3 Non-Critical” is defined as any error wherein one or more functions do not operate optimally, but where impact on functionality and/or usability is agreed by Client and IWT to be minor and result in a mutually acceptable disruption to Client’s workflow process; and (iv) “Level 4 Cosmetic,” which errors IWT shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct within the next scheduled production release of the IWT Application, at IWT’s sole discretion. “Level 4 Cosmetic” is defined as any error that cannot be categorized as belonging to any higher severity level, including but not limited to a cosmetic or documentation error.
  3. IWT shall provide all extensions, enhancements, and other changes, which are logical improvements to an IWT Product and to which IWT makes generally available on a commercial basis, without charge, to any other licensee of the IWT Product (“Updates”). Updates do not include any new software products that are then made generally available on a commercial basis as separate, price-listed options or additions to an IWT Product nor do they include any Professional Services Fees that may be required for implementation.
  4. IWT shall have no obligation to provide Support Services except to Client Support Contact and only with respect to the unmodified Supported Releases. When an IWT Product is deployed in conjunction with other software products, including but not limited to web servers, browsers, databases, and operating systems, IWT is not responsible for providing Support Services for these other products, or for ensuring correct interoperation with these products.
  5. Client shall use commercially reasonable efforts to assist IWT in reproducing the specific situation in which an IWT Product, standing alone, demonstrates a failure to substantially conform in all material respects to the functional specifications set forth in its accompanying documentation (“Defect”). Client Support Contact shall conduct reasonable and adequate research with respect to a Defect or related issue prior to contacting IWT for assistance.

Hosting Services

  1. IWT shall use commercially reasonable efforts to make all hosted IWT Products available to Client for at least ninety-nine percent (99%) of the time (determined monthly), seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours per day, not including any unavailability that; (i) lasts less than fifteen (15) minutes; (ii) results from regularly scheduled IWT maintenance; (iii) results from failure of Client’s hardware or software; (iv) results from the failure of a communication service or other outside service or equipment not within the control of IWT; or (v) is beyond the reasonable control of IWT (“Service Availability”).