Easily track and report on the required time for each individual student.

Inclusion Tracking

Track all of your inclusion contact time and data with our inclusion tracking system.


Sped Intervention/Content Mastery Tracking

Track contact time and the data of the time spent with your students.

MTSS/RTI Tracking

Track all of the intervention data with your students and consolidate it into a simple report.

Inclusion & Sped Intervention/Content Mastery Tracking

Easily track time spent with students. Information is stored in our central database generating accountability reports on provided services.

  • Sped Intervention/Content Mastery Tracking
  • Inclusion Tracking
  • Instant Data Access
  • Simple Time Entry
  • Safe & Secure Data

MTSS / RTI Tracking

Easily track the intervention time with your students. We make your job easier by tracking the integrity of intervention implementation for academics, behavior, and dyslexia.

  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Frequency and Duration Tracking
  • User Friendly
  • Internet Based
  • Email and Export Reports
  • Point and Click Data Entry

About Easy Sped Tracker

Easy Sped Tracker was created by Kara Stone, a Special Education Teacher with 20+ years’ experience in data collection for Content Mastery/Sped Intervention and Inclusion. It was designed to save teachers time and alleviate the headaches of managing paper records. Easy Sped Tracker is a web-based solution, offering instant access to Content Mastery/Sped Intervention and Inclusion records from any device. The system helps ensure compliance by providing accountability tools for teachers and reporting for administrators.

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