Instantly translate all of your special Education forms

More than ever districts are doing their best to provide forms in the guardians preferred language. We are thrilled help by adding translation capabilities to all forms created in SpedTrack.

Since SpedTrack is a leading section 504 software company, we help you write IEPs,  and other forms in our special education software. Our suite of software makes it extremely easy for school districts to better manage their forms and paperwork. Our web-based  system allows you to easily track the students accommodation plan and other critical parts of the 504 plan. SpedTracks section 504 writer cuts the writing time by over 50%. Start writing 504 plans today! 

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Translate Any Form In SpedTrack

Full Translation

SpedTrack will translate both, the shell of the form and all user entered information that is within the form.

Works Instantly

SpedTrack can translate any document created in the system. For example, the average IEP takes about 30 seconds to translate.

Customize To Fit Your Needs

Pick from over 50 built in translations

SpedTrack has over 50 translations built in. Administrators can restrict this to only show certain translations. 

Role-Based Security

Choose what staff have the ability to translate forms at your district. They will be able to select from any of the pre-approved translations

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Powerful Together and Separately

Choose from our suite of products to build the perfect special education solution for your district. 

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